4. Personal Safety

  1. Players must wear appropriate eye protection at all times while outside of designated safe zones.
    1. Only fully sealed goggles approved for ballistic use or paintball are permitted during Lower Mainland Airsoft Group games and events
      1. Goggles must fully seal around the eyes
      2. For paintball fields, goggles must be approved for use in paintball.  Testing standards for paintball goggles: ASTM F1776-09.
      3. For airsoft only fields, goggles must be approved for ballistic use.  Testing standards for ballistic goggles:  ANSI Z87.1or EN166.
      4. Paintball goggles are tested by independent labs to ensure they meet ASTM standards for paintball use.  JT, Scott, Leader, Brass Eagle, Dye paintball goggles have a distinctive look to them and each has a logo somewhere on the goggle frame.
      5. Players using unapproved goggles will be removed from play.
      6. Mesh type goggles are not allowed anywhere.
      7. Shooting glasses are not allowed on the playing field.
    2. Players removing their goggles while outside a designated safe zone will be subject to disciplinary action as described in section 18.
    3. If for some reason, you must remove your goggles, you must FIRST leave the playing field and enter a safe zone.
  2. Lower face masks are optional for players. It is up to the player to decide whether they prefer to use face, neck or ear protection.
  3. Full-face masks are mandatory for Youth and Under-age players.