BC Airsoft Club

Formed in 1999 as the natural evolution of the Vancouver Airsoft Club, BC Airsoft Club’s (BCAC’s) vision was to promote the growth of airsoft as a safe and fun sport.

We offer mentoring to all new members to get them familiar with the game of Airsoft and to show safety and maintenance techniques.

BCAC focussed on a true MILSIM (military simulation) Style environment which included night time simulations, day time objective based games and large scale (100+ people) simulations.

BCAC played games and scenarios designed by the players, covering a mix of games from fast-paced skirmishes to strategic scenarios as well as the full-scale military simulations throughout the year.

BCAC membership varied over the years but the club continued to host regular games at Panther on Sundays.  Player attendance varied from 8 to 16 players in the winter to average 60 in the summer for regular days and regularly around 100 for mil-sims.