8. Approved Engagement Distances

  1. The LMAG enforces minimum engagement distances corresponding to generally safe firing distances during play. These distances are shown in Chart 1.
  2. The LMAG acknowledges that surprises will occur during play and safety is the club’s overriding concern.
    1. If an engagement occurs at a range less than the minimum engagement distance for a given gun, the LMAG reserves the right to review the incident and apply disciplinary action.
    2. If an injury occurs, the LMAG will apply disciplinary action.
  3. Players are permitted to discharge their weapons at other players at the ranges shown in Chart 1.
  4. The LMAG encourages players to use close range combat options at close ranges, which generally start at 10 feet:
    1. switch to lower energy weapon
    2. use the mercy rule (section 12.3)
    3. close the gap and use a “knife-kill” if game rules allow.