Checking in at a Game Day

Everyone loves to catch up with each other, remember to get your kit ready before you fully commit to socializing.

You can pay all the fees and have your gun checked as soon as you are ready.  See the field operator first to pay their fee (Direct Pay and Credit Card payments accepted), then see the volunteers for gun checks and club fees ($2, cash only).  Between two and five volunteers (FM, Ad) will have at least one of the chronos set up and ready to test guns. Unsupervised tests are invalid for authorization to play.

Players streamline the startup this way:

  1. Pay Field and receive “paid” stamp
  2. Ask FM or Admin to supervise you testing your weapon
    • Line up at testing station wearing your goggles
    • Load your gun for testing when two people are ahead of you
    • Remove your barrel blocking device when you are next
    • Test your gun as instructed
  3. Wait for FM or Admin to approve your weapon (“chrono” stamp and DMR tag, if needed)
  4. Pay FM or Admin collecting fees for Club
  5. Listen to Safety Briefing
  6. Rally at the assigned point for first-game start

When everyone is intent on finishing the prep smoothly (that ends up being quickly), we get to maximize our playing time.


0900    : Rendezvous at Field Location
0915    : Chrono Ready (Gun Check, Fee Collection Starts)
0945    : Ready Call for briefing
1000    : Safety Briefing
1030    : Morning Session
1230    : Break
1315    : Late Check-in (Gun Check and Fee Collection)
1330    : Afternoon Session
1630    : Debriefing (specific time will vary depending on the day)

Usually, finishing all the setup items before 1015 means you can play 5 or 6 quick games before lunch (perhaps 2 or 3 longer ones).  Over the years this has developed into the detailed schedule you read above and on the sign-up pages.


what to expect on game day
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what do i do when i get to the field[/size]