Op-For Airsoft Club

Op-For Airsoft Club formed in 2003 in Vancouver starting with only 4 members.  Their vision was for open-minded, responsible and relaxed airsoft gameplay that emphasized fun. Op-For grew to 50 players in less than one year.

Op-For formed for the common player in mind, valuing each player’s input and opinion from a club veterans to first time players.  Friendliness and helpfulness were integral to the foundation of Op-For.

Op-For was a player driven club that played games and scenarios designed by the players.  This variety made the games enjoyable and challenging for new, intermediate and veteran players alike.

Op-For played a mix of games from fast-paced skirmishes to strategic scenarios to full-scale military simulations throughout the year.  Games such as:  assault the house; capture the flag; eliminate teams; capture the town; rescue the downed pilot; retrieve secret documents; disarm the bomb; infiltrate the enemy base; and escort the VIP.

Military simulations were based on plausible real world events requiring multiple objectives, ammunition limits, strategy, props and team-based play.

Op-For membership ebbed and flowed over the years but the club continued to host regular games at Panther on Saturdays.  Player attendance varied from 8 to 16 players in the winter to 60 in the summer for regular days and regularly around 100 for mil-sims.  Op-For hosted some small-scale night games in 2011.  For 2009 to 2011, Op-For hosted games every weekend.