13. Airsoft Specialty Devices

  1. Hand Grenades
    1. Airsoft Innovations Tornado gas-powered grenade is the only active device currently permitted. An alternative passive symbolic grenade (eg. tennis ball) may be used if agreed upon by event organizers and players, depending on the event.
    2. Players are only allowed to deliver grenades underhand:
      1. grenade must be rolled, tossed or lobbed underhand in a safe and controlled manner
      2. maximum allowable toss distance is 20 feet
      3. grenade must be directed to avoid striking unprotected heads
      4. delivery of grenades directly at other players is prohibited
    3. Players receiving a grenade are prohibited from trying to return the grenade before it detonates.
    4. Any Player hit with a BB is “hit”.
  2. Distraction Devices
    1. Distraction devices are prohibited from general play.
    2. Event Organizers may use distraction devices during special events for story effects only.
  3. M203-Style Launchers using BBs
    1. Any commercial launcher using “M203” shells on the market is allowed.
    2. Any commercially available shell is allowed.
    3. Minimum engagement distance for shooting BBs from “M203” shells is as for AEGs (Chart 1)
      1. Players will only employ BBs in “M203” shells
      2. BBs shot from a shell must hit a Player to be considered a “hit”.
      3. Players will aim low when using these shells against other Players in Semi-Auto Engagement Distance (Chart 1)
  4. Rocket Launchers
    1. Launchers are prohibited during general game play.
    2. Event Organizers may use launchers using Nerf rockets in special events under the approval of the Admins or Marshals present.
  5. Mines
    1. Any commercially available claymore is allowed
    2. Players will only employ safe ammo loads in these devices, such as BBs, dried peas, popcorn kernels.  Rocks or other sharp objects are prohibited.
    3. Approved detonation methods
      1. remote-detonated
      2. decoy item
      3. other activation system that will not trip or cause a Player’s movement to be restricted
    4. Any Player hit by a BB is considered “hit”.