5. Gun safety

  1. Only the following weapons are permitted at any game or event.
    1. Airsoft guns include springers, automatic electric guns (AEG’s), and gas-powered guns
    2. Folding pocket knives and multi-tools are permitted
    3. Flexible rubber or plastic training knives are permitted
  2. Real firearms, metal pellet or BB guns, bows and similar items are prohibited.
  3. Lasers are prohibited.
  4. Barrel blocking devices must be used to obstruct airsoft gun muzzles in designated safe zones, and:
    1. must completely disable projectiles from being fired
    2. must be visible
    3. apply to all guns including sidearms, unless the sidearm remains in a closed holster with the magazine removed
  5. Invalid barrel blocking devices include, but are not limited to, gloves, socks, plastic bottles, and similar items not expressly designed to prevent projectiles from leaving the gun muzzle.
  6. All gun safety mechanisms must be set to “safe” in designated safe zones.
  7. All guns, including sidearms, must remain unloaded and free of all projectiles while in designated safe zones:
    1. Remove all magazines before entering a safe zone.
    2. Clear your weapons before entering a safe zone. Approved method for clearing your weapon is to remove the magazine, point the gun at the ground and fire it two to three times on semi-automatic.
  8. Test firing is prohibited in designated safe zones.
  9. Dry firing is prohibited in designated safe zones.