12. Game Play

  1. Blind Firing Prohibited
    1. Players are only permitted to shoot when their weapon is properly held and aimed.
    2. The target must be sighted along the weapon or through the sights.
      Sighting along gun (ad for Combat South, UK)

      Sighting along gun (ad for Combat South, UK)

      Sighting through sights (Airsoft Intl, August 2008)

      Sighting through sights (Airsoft Intl, August 2008)

  2. Hits
    1. A hit occurs when a player or their attached equipment is impacted by a BB shot directly from a weapon in play during a game, even when shot by a team mate.
    2. If a player is hit they are considered disabled or dead.
    3. The following situations also count as hits:
      1. Touch from an Approved Rubber Training Knife (eg. COLD STEEL)
      2. Hit from any BB delivered by a Tornado airsoft grenade or airsoft claymore within a 15 foot radius or within a room.
    4. Hits on guns are considered “gun hits” and render the gun disabled for game purposes.
      1. The player may continue to use a secondary weapon or otherwise stay active on the field.
      2. Hit weapon will only be reactivated when the player respawns.
      3. If your weapon has been hit, you may borrow a dead player’s weapon if the owner allows it. The dead player may drop the weapon where he was hit so the live player may retrieve it.
    5. When a player is hit, they must yell “HIT” and raise their arms.
    6. To indicate that they have been hit and are dead while leaving the active play area or field, players may:
      1. Hold their arms up
      2. Display a “kill rag” conspicuously


        Examples of “dead” players, (b) has a kill rag

    7. Kill rags are bright pieces of cloth used to indicate a hit or dead player.
      1. Display a kill rag prominently so that it is visible from a maximum number of directions, such as on the head.
      2. The ideal kill rag colour is RED.
      3. Kill rags are highly recommended for regular club games.
      4. Kill rags are mandatory for club MILSIM’s.
    8. Other players may continue to shoot at a player if they are walking around without indicating their “dead” status.
    9. Clean kill procedure
      1. In the heat and rush of a game it is possible not to feel “hits” beyond 50% of a gun’s range. The shooting player may call a “clean kill” hit if they can actually SEE the BB’s hit the target player.
      2. The shooting player must be able to distinguish that the BB’s are hitting the target player.
      3. The shooting player puts on his kill rag, approaches the target player, and advises the target player he’s claiming a clean kill.
      4. Both players are considered hit.
      5. Clean kills are unchallengeable.
    10. If a player fails to identify their target and shoots a member of their own faction or team during a game, they must call themselves hit and allow their team-mate to continue playing.
  3. Mercy
    1. If you are within 10 feet of an “enemy” player AND you have a clear & unobstructed view, you may call “MERCY”.
    2. As you have a clear & unobstructed view of the player, the mercy is an automatic kill unless the player chooses to challenge your call, at which time you are free to defend yourself.
    3. Players must aim shots at this distance at the body and must ensure that the quantity of shots is not excessive.
    4. Mercy kills from behind are unchallengeable.
  4. Dead Players
    1. Dead players are prohibited from providing hints or clues to active players.
    2. Dead players are prohibited from discharging their guns while waiting on the sidelines or in a respawn area.
  5. In and Out of Bounds
    1. All players must stay “in bounds” at all times during game play
    2. Circumventing field boundaries as indicated is prohibited unless stated as a condition for a particular game.
    3. Field boundaries are indicated by flagged ropes and barbed wire fences.
    4. If a player inadvertently leaves the field they must respawn at a designated respawn location.