7. Approved Muzzle Velocities

  1. Only guns that shoot with muzzle velocity within prescribed limits will be permitted during all LMAG games and events.
  2. All game guns are subject to random muzzle velocity checks without prior notice under admin or marshal discretion. General muzzle velocity checks are held on randomly selected game days.
  3. Muzzle velocities are measured using standard 0.20g plastic BB’s.
  4. Players are permitted to use weapons with the maximum muzzle velocities shown in Chart 1.
  5. All Snipers must carry a lower energy back-up weapon to use their higher-energy guns.
  6. Weapons shooting over the listed limits will be removed from play.
  7. Players are permitted to request that admins suspend use of any gun they suspect is shooting over the muzzle velocity limits until verification of its muzzle velocity.