We welcome all airsoft players that plan to join in our games to register as users of our forum. It’s the best way to participate in planning games and to get a feel for the local airsoft community.

After you have played a few games, we further welcome airsoft players to join the Lower Mainland Airsoft Group. The annual dues are $20. We will issue you a patch and membership card. To join, contact one of the members listed in the admin team.

With the membership card, you will get discounts at our home field as well as being freed from the game day fees we collect at every event.

Also, many local gear retailers give recognized airsoft players discounts and you may need your card to access those discounts.

Further, we will also offer periodic membership perks….

Download, print, and fill out the enrolment form as part of becoming a full member of the Lower Mainland Airsoft Group.

Providing this form, completed, along with your annual dues to one of the admins will make you a Member in Good Standing and entitle you to the LMAG patch and current member perks.

You can find the form at the following link: … erForm.pdf

Please contact any marshal or admin if you have any questions.