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Every player during Vancouver area airsoft games uses their forum username as their radio callsign to help others recognize them.

During scenarios and milsims, using individual callsigns can introduce confusion as players respawn into different squads and possibly even different roles during the game: squad leaders die and other players step in temporarily; squads split up; game commanders swap roles with other players to get out into the broader game; and more.

Dedicated role and unit callsigns become more important in larger games. The commander or command centre needs a name. The squads need names. Even the objectives are better off with two-syllable names.

Imagine having a game where you get more than one channel assigned to your team. Suddenly you could have:

  • a fast-track channel to use for command-level messages
  • a channel for squad players to use for informal communication
  • a spare channel for other messages

In-play callsigns allow players to have two-syllable shorthand designators for all the key items.

Some examples:

Content Radio Callsign
Commander Big Bird
Objective 1 Pizza
Objective 2 Nachos
Squads Papa 1, Romeo 1, Oscar 1
Squad Leader Six or One