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(Radio Protocol )

The following post summarizes information learned from Paintball and Airsoft Battle Tactics by Christopher Larsen about simple wireless or radio encryption.

The simplest encryption is to use existing words in ways they were not originally intended.

Larsen suggests carrying a reference card that covers your team codes. The card includes the following information:

  • authentication codes
  • questions and responses
  • orders
  • requests
  • situation reports
  • locations


The authentication code would be a 10-letter word you could use to check to see who you are getting orders from (for example). You would choose a letter or number and the person in question would respond with the correct corresponding letter or number. Teams could choose how far down the word and the direction the day's authentication would be: two digits left, for example.

The passwords could include the running password and the base password.

The rest of the codes can be chosen after a theme: fish, pets, foods, plants, etc.

Using the Flower Code.