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(Radio Protocol )


Anyone familiar with the term "actual" in communications? (rhetorical)

I suggest that if you are in a milsim, your squad leader should always have a designated radio operator (RTO). This person deals with communications on behalf of the squad. As the representative of the squad they always use the squad call sign.

The squad call sign can be something special to the milsim story or it can be the leader's call sign.

If the other guy really needed to speak to the actual squad leader, they could request it:




Alfa Two Actual. Alfa One. Over.


Alfa One. Alfa Two Actual. Send message, over.



Airmax Actual. Dizzy. Over.


Dizzy. Airmax Actual. Send message, over.

Discussion and Recommendations

Assigning a radio operator in a squad will allow the leader to focus on command and get messages sent faster when their squad gets into trouble. Mixed-experience squads will see the greatest benefit.

Use the Squad Callsign at all Times

I further contend that any member of the squad should continue to use the squad call sign (even if it's the leader's forum callsign), at least until they tell the other units that the leader is down. Best practice has new players using the leader's call sign whenever they are answering on the group's behalf. This tells the other station that the communication will reach the group.

Another consideration is that the leader will get hit and then leave to respawn, and maintaining the same squad callsign keeps things simple. Imagine switching the callsign every 15 minutes to match the leader's status. The best approach in a milsim (or a short scenario) would seem to be to use squad callsigns instead of player callsigns for inter-squad communication.

Keep Team Net (Channels) Clear of Buddy Chat - use second radio

Since a team must maintain clear communication between the squads, individual communication is best kept on a separate channel. New players that want to have continuous communication with their buddy must remember that the radio broadcasts to EVERYONE on the channel and blocks other transmissions. If you truly need to stay in constant contact with your buddy, you need a second radio or one that can manage receiving two channels seamlessly.

Assign Squad Radio Man (RTO)

This separation is helped when you have a squad RTO. The RTO ends up being the only one that needs to carry two radios:

  • personal radio for the squad set to squad channel
  • squad radio for inter-squad command net set to team channel

Also, the RTO can pass the squad radio to a squad-mate when he needs to leave to respawn.

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