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(Radio Protocol )

In simplex radio communications where only one channel is used for both transmitting and receiving, only one station can use the net at a time. This means that while one player hums and haws with their radio keyed, other players are unable to transmit their messages. Messages which could include distress calls from base or other critical messages.

To help cut down on your transmission time, please try to:

  • use very short, simple code words (minimum syllables)
  • if necessary, drop the clarifying words (eg. "this is")
  • know your message before you press your PTT button (message pads for planning complex messages can help greatly)

Apparently, in some circumstances, prowords like "affirmative" and "negative" can be too long. While in other circumstances they can be needed to ensure clarity. Establishing abbreviated versions of longer messages with your teammates can reduce the time it takes you to transmit. Practice together, as confused or garbled messages can be worse.

The more instinctive the 7-line format is, the more naturally you will use it in a game. Practice your formats:

Short Format

Dizzy. Whiskey. Return to Base. Over.

  1. Receiver ("hey, so-and-so")
  2. Sender ("it's me")
  3. Content ("enemies are between us and base, go back to base")
  4. Close ("over to you")

Long Format

Whiskey. Dizzy. Relay to Optix. Flash. Engaging 6 enemy at Rosebud. Do not Answer. Out.

  1. Receiver
  2. Sender
  3. Transmit Instruction ("pass this on to the boss and the squad on the other flank")
  4. Priority ("this is really urgent")
  5. Content
  6. Final Instruction ("more to follow")
  7. Close

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