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Most of the players in the area start with basic FRS or GMRS two-way handheld transceivers like the Motorola MR351R 2Watt radio. Such a radio could cover much of the field. Here is a link to the newest (2012) Motorola GMRS/FRS "bubble-pack" radios (1 Watt emitter power).

Please invest in your radio before you get too far with your other gear, you will be frustrated just like Claymore and many others. How we play tactical military simulations (TMS), you need a radio before you invest in a secondary weapon or even a good set of battle dress (BDU).

You don’t need to talk on the radio but it is important to know what is going on. If you are away from the middle of the action (flanking or recon), your radio will tell you where you can go to help out best for your team or squad.

Having a radio keeps you in the game at all times and helps you to take your game to the next level.

Cook-off always reminds us that everyone in the real world goes into the field with comms (radio communications): Military, police emergency response teams, etc, etc... tactically and for safety reasons everyone must know exactly what everyone else is doing at all times; plans change on the fly-- sometimes in seconds. If you have a radio with direct comms you always know what's up and stay useful to your team.

In airsoft, we dress the part. So get a radio if you want to look the part because it is as basic of equipment a soldier will carry in just about any army in any country.

As in the real world it is in game play: strategy, tactics, friendly fire, Intel and safety all depend on radio communications. Our game is fast and on a big field. Your radio ensures that you can help your team: you will know

  1. where everyone is
  2. where to support
  3. where to ambush
  4. when to retreat
  5. ... "when the game is over"
  6. when a GUN SAFE is called

Players without radios will wander aimlessly looking for the battle or enemy; shoot their own team mates (friendly fire); and basically be utterly useless to other squads under fire! Should we mention when the game is over and they are still out looking for the game when everyone else is at the parking lot?

Do yourself a favour, buy a $50 radio, keep its batteries fully charged and use it on the field. Start by watching and learning how to use it properly. Even if you just listen, you will be way ahead of the game. In the scheme of things, what is $50-$60 for a piece of valuable kit? Two bags of ! nuff said.

To get a little headstart on operations, read this article: Radio Protocol .

And, by the way, GMRS and FRS channels are licence-free and the ones that LMAG uses for convenience. So make sure your radio can use the same frequencies.

Recommended Equipment

Whatever you like. Start with a combination of the following items:


  1. GMRS (or FRS) - Basic General Mobile Radio Service, no licence required, all channels used by airsoft -- any manufacturer (Motorola, Cobra, etc)
  2. Programmable UHF and VHF - programmable UHF and VHF, may need licence if programmed for high power output, you will need someone to program it for GMRS channels and run a risk of fine from federal regulatory body (especially if your signals cause interference for anyone) -- Puxing 888 (more)
  3. Amateur Radio VHF - absolutely need certificate of proficiency (licence) to use -- opens up broad set of communications opportunities for your team when some of your players have this capacity (even if encryption not allowed and business talk not allowed)

Push to Talk Switch

  1. Tactical -- Cavalvy, Ztactical, etc
  2. Low Profile


  1. Ear-bud
  2. Bowman over-ear
  3. Swimmer over-ear

Radio Protocol

  1. Refer to the detailed articles on Radio Protocol
  2. Check the Frequency Table