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Originally posted by jsae, 2012.05.05 / 2358

Our fields have several "environments", including

  1. forest
  2. brush
  3. grassland
  4. open range

Most of the field is forest and brush though, so choose camouflage which will work with both of these.

Generally, players have noticed that the field conditions favour more "brown" in the autumn and winter but more green in the spring and summer. Typically, patterns with more bright green work better in summer and those with more brown like Alpenflage and MultiCam work better in the winter.

Overall, players use the following patterns in both conditions:

  • Olive Drab
  • Woodland
  • DPM
  • MarPat
  • CaDPat
  • Partizan
  • Vegetato
  • Pencott
  • Flectarn
  • Alpenflage

Before transition to LMAG, members at Op-For Refer discussed camouflage from time to time, two useful links have been retired:


Also, use the Internet and your local library as a reference sources.

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