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  • Showing airsoft guns in public is illegal. Keep it in a gun bag.
  • Treat airsoft guns as if they were real guns. Exercise caution and safety
  • Poor BBs (Ball Bullets), found at sporting goods stores, tend to cause BB jams, strip pistons, and chip gears because they break apart very easily
  • Leaving a battery charging overnight with a standard wallcharger can damage battery cells and the charger itself
  • High output smart chargers are highly recommended; they charge fast, have trickle charges when the battery is full, and need less attention
  • Different guns have different battery compartments: in a crane stock, in a handguard, in a PEQ box, or in the body of the gun.
  • Some batteries have an exact fit into their battery compartments. The battery and wire must be placed perfectly in order for it to fit
  • Higher milliamp-hour (mah) batteries have increased energy storage for extended AEG playing time
  • Raising battery voltage increases "wear and tear" and decreases the life span of gun internals
  • Upgrading battery voltage (8.4 V, 9.6 V, 10.8 V) increases the Rate of Fire (ROF = amount of BBs leaving the muzzle) not the Feet per Second (FPS, BB's velocity)
  • The primary way to raise FPS is to upgrade the spring, but doing so adds more stress to the internal parts that haven't been upgraded
  • The hop up which is located in the magwell receives the BB's from the magazine. It also has an adjustable bumper that drops and creates backspin on the BB before it exits the barrel. This backspin provides a straight and accurate BB path
  • Too much hop up can jam BB's because the bumper is too far down in the barrel
  • Standard capacity magazines (aka "low cap mag's") typically contain 30 rounds or the same amount as their real counterpart. Mid cap mags contain about 50 - 150 rounds. High cap mags contain roughly 200 or more rounds
  • The longer the inner barrel the more accurate your shots will be
  • The main difference between a metal body and a plastic body is that a metal body is more durable and more realistic
  • General maintenance is advised before and after gameplay (turn page). Internal maintenance is advised every 4-6 months. Internal Maintenance should be done by an expert who knows how to disassemble and reasssemble gearboxes
  • Not every automatic electric gun (AEG) comes with a battery and charger. Please read a product's description and what the "Package Includes" before buying it
  • Airsoft Guns DO NOT last forever. All internals will eventually need replacement
  • The sport of airsoft is as safe as you make it and extremely fun for all ages. Airsoft always welcomes newcomers. Parents, children, friends, law enforcement, and armed forces already play so spread the word and, for goodness sakes, Call Your Hits!!!