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Only one player can use the net at a time in airsoft which uses simplex radio communications (only one channel is used for both transmitting and receiving). So a player occupying the channel for a long message stops other players from sending their messages. Messages which could include distress calls from base or other critical messages.

The best way to keep the channel open is to use short messages and message segments. The following table lists examples players in Vancouver will find useful.

For how to use the vocabulary below, refer to the Radio Protocol and Brevity.

Outside references:

Category Phrase # To Mean Say
Emergency 1 Stop all game play for a bit, something bad has happened Gun Safe Gun Safe Gun Safe
Emergency 2 All Clear Resume Game (Admins and Marshals ONLY) Clear Field Weapons Free
Comm 3 Hey, buddy, I have a long message for you Message
Comm I'm ready to receive your long message Send Message
Comm I'm not ready to receive your long message Stand by
Comm This message is really long, let's open the net for an interruption briefly Break
Comm Now back to my long message Message Resumes ...
Order 4 Yes Affirmative
Order 5 No Negative
SitRep 6 We have been spotted Compromised
Comm 7 Crap, that last one was wrong, here's the new message Correction, “....”
Comm 8 Everyone hold on, I have an important message Critical Message Follows
Comm 9 What the fuck did you say? Say Again
Comm 10 I said “......” I Say Again “.......”
Comm 11 I understood your message Roger
Comm 12 Pass this on to “callsign” Relay to “callsign”
Comm 13 "Number" Minutes "number" Mikes
Comm 14 I have your message Copy
Comm 15 Hold on, I have more to say Wait
Comm 16 I'm done talking for now Out
Comm 17 Shorten your chatter Brevity
Comm 18 I need your reply Over
Comm 19 Generic term for your objective Package
Tac 19 Can't do what you asked Unable
Comm 20 Will do what you asked Wilco
Comm 21 Please send more information Words
Tac 22 Alert team of activity Heads up
Tac 23 I see “number” enemies Tally “number”
Tac 24 I see them Tally
Tac 25 I can't see them No joy
Tac 26 Lost sight of enemy Lost contact
Tac 27 Definitely enemy contact Hostile
Tac 28 Definitely friendly contact Friendly
Tac 29 Disengage completely Bugout
Tac 30 Possible friendly fire Bittersweet
Tac 31 Definite friendly fire Blue on blue
Tac 32 Large unknown force Gorilla
Tac 33 Send me some help at “location” Request Reinforcements “location”
Order 34 What the hell is going on? Situation?
Order 35 Where the hell are you? Location?
Order 36 Go over to “location” Move to “location”
Order 37 Meet us or so-and-so at “location” Rendezvous at “location”
Order 38 Stop forward advance at “location” Halt at “location”
Order 39 Go over and shoot enemy at “location” Attack “location”
Order 40 Withdraw to “location” Withdraw “location”
Order 41 Keep on with what you're doing Continue
Order 42 Return to Base RTB
Tac 43 I need a medic at “location” Medic “location”
SitRep 44 We are heading over to “location” Moving to “location”
SitRep 45 We are returning to Base RTB
SitRep 46 We needed to stop at “location” Halted at “location”
SitRep 47 We are waiting at the planned location to attack from In Rally Point
SitRep 48 We have arrived at the objective At Objective
SitRep 49 We see enemy at “location” Enemy Spotted “Location”
SitRep 50 We have casualties Casualties
SitRep 51 We did it, mission accomplished Mission Completed
Comm 52 Use our authentication card, look up the “code” and read it back as arranged to confirm you are who you say Authenticate “code“
Comm 53 Switch to Channel “number”, listen, then switch back Pogo “number”
Comm 54 Go to Channel “number” Push “number”
Comm 55 Start Communication Blackout until further notice River City
Comm 56 Tell me how the mission went What luck
Tac 57 Stop shooting, continue tracking Cease fire
Tac 58 Go ahead with the plan you just described Cleared
Tac 59 Decreasing in range Closing
Tac 60 Go to alternate mission or location Divert
Tac 61 We're busy fighting Engaged
Tac 62 Disengage temporarily Extend
Tac 63 Close fight of mixed up friendlies and enemies Furball
Tac 64 Identify Target I.D.
Tac 65 Continue attack Press
Tac 66 Go to prearranged regroup point Reset
Tac 67 Withdraw to avoid fire Retrograde
Tac 68 I'm positioned between two enemy forces Sandwiched
Tac 69 Disengage Separate
Tac 70 What is your tactical situation? Status
Tac 71 Give me tactical information Tumbleweed
Tac 72 Fire only at (unfriendly, positively enemy, nobody) Weapons (free, tight, safe)
Tac 73 We're out of ammo Winchester