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  1. Established Safety Protocols: Follow protocols outlined in the Safety Briefing which include such things as eye protection and muzzle velocity limits for guns.
  2. Use Firearms Safety Rules when Handling Guns:
    1. Treat every gun as a potentially dangerous device.
    2. Keep your gun pointed in the safest direction unless you plan to shoot.
    3. Keep your finger clear of the trigger unless you are shooting.
    4. Unload the gun, clear the chamber and block the muzzle before entering the safe zone.
  3. Specified Safe Distances: Shoot players only at distances greater than the minimum engagement distance for your guns. Refer to What's a Joule?#LMAG Standards
  4. Self-Officiating: When you get shot, call yourself out loudly: "Hit!" and put on a kill rag to indicate you are no longer in the game.
  5. Mercy: When you can shoot someone at close range from behind offer them a Mercy Hit, rather than shoot them outright.
  6. Being a Ghost: Once hit, you may not communicate or direct your team mates.
  7. Bounds: Field boundaries will vary with each game. Remain within the specified boundaries. If you wander out-of-bounds, go respawn (you fell off the world).
  8. Drugs and Alcohol: Not at the field or during the game.
  9. Airsoft Equipment Only: Real firearms, long-blade knives, other lethal weapons and explosives do not belong in the airsoft setting.

  • Added knives and other weapons. 2012.01.02
  • Changed out-of-bounds rule. 2013.12.19
  • Revised rules for LMAG (FM-001, Field Manual 001, Lower Mainland Airsoft Group Airsoft Rules

First Edition, 2013 November). 2013.11