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You probably noticed that in addition to the information that's relevant to the current scene, X-Ray also has an option to "See all." If you choose this, the video will pause and you'll see all the X-Ray information available for your show. X-Ray can show you information about the actors in a scene, the musical soundtrack, trivia, and more. It has the ability to jump directly to specific scenes, see the full cast list, musical selections, bonus material, and more. Some videographers were probably hoping for a big jump in resolution from the 12mp A7S II. But first, let’s delve a little deeper into what 4K resolution means. Both are also a little unrefined: the Xbox’s slate of exclusive games is almost entirely hypothetical right now but makes up for it with the value of Game Pass. Nabbing one often involves being among the first to leap into a digital queue, and should anything go awry with your connection, your odds are toast. Its recent success has cushioned the impact of problems elsewhere, such as in its imaging division, which has suffered from the troubles of Huawei, a Chinese tech giant that is one of its big customers (see Schumpeter).

If you get one of the now-current generation consoles, you’ll want to see what it can do. The headline video feature of the Sony a 7S III is that it can shoot 4K video at up to 120p and full HD footage at up to 240p, with full-sensor readout no pixel-binning and with the hybrid autofocus system in action. That’s great news for those who like to see action in slow-motion. If that’s you, great news! The big news on the video-front is that the Z6II has eye detection focusing for humans and animals. Nikon has stuck with a contrast detection autofocus system for Live View and Video mode. It’s also possible to add V-LogL recording via an optional software key (DMW-SFU1), with LUT (Look Up Table) and V-LogL View Assist to help experienced videographers get the colour and contrast they want. But the videos nonetheless represent a rare artifact, showing a first-hand view of state-sponsored cyberspying that's almost never seen outside of an intelligence agency. The leaked videos were found among 40 gigabytes of data that the hackers had apparently stolen from victim accounts, including US and Greek military personnel.

The IBM researchers say they found the videos exposed due to a misconfiguration of security settings on a virtual private cloud server they'd observed in previous APT35 activity. Researchers at IBM’s X-Force security team revealed today that they've obtained roughly five hours of video footage that appears to have been recorded directly from the screens of hackers working for a group IBM calls ITG18, and which other security firms refer to as APT35 or Charming Kitten. Allison Wikoff, a senior analyst at IBM X-Force whose team discovered the videos. The files were all uploaded to the exposed server over a few days in May, just as IBM was monitoring the machine. He was linked with Bachelor contestant Kaitlyn Hoppe, 26, earlier this year but they have not been in contact for over two months. "Digital culture and social media have brought a shift toward the visual. And if streaming does take off, it is likely to prove just as disruptive as it has been in other media. In practical terms, about 5min of 4K footage can take up to 4GB of space. Here are some games to take for a spin.

Amid a blitz of adverts, trailers and PR, Sony and Microsoft are gearing up to replace their existing consoles with new, more powerful machines. Perhaps you’ve heard about the new set of video game consoles and your interest has been piqued. Should you prefer something that hooks up to your television, the Xbox Series S is hard to top, as it’s bundled with the console’s Netflix-style Game Pass which provides dozens of on-demand games for a monthly fee. It’s convenient, to a degree: nicer than the way your cable provider organizes on-demand content, but not as nice as an Apple TV. It’s the most expensive "budget" option but also the most generous. It’s essentially like opening apps on a Roku device, only all of your games are there too. Often, we are unable to relate to what is shown. In poorer countries, where smartphones are common and data plans are cheap, it could bring console gaming within the reach of millions of new players.