Ready Steady Bake With Margarine

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The word on the street is that margarine is the baker's new best mate.
Find any baker who has used margarine as a butter substitute for baking and they'll tell you why. The quickest reason that comes to mind is that margarine can be used straight from the fridge for creaming, rubbing and icing. It's also a great way to help make cakes that bit fluffier and lighter.

Butter may be the main ingredient in most traditional baking recipes for breads, brownies and cakes, but more and more people are getting creative in their quest to find healthier alternatives. And if your body is asking you for a little more dairy-free baking then dairy-free margarine is your new best friend.

Say hello to healthy baking with margarine

A lot of people think a healthier lifestyle means cutting out desserts and cakes completely. Luckily there are oodles of healthy baking tips and recipes online, helping you choose from a whole range of margarine-inspired desserts that are better for day lam banh kem you and your family.

Here's a little taste:

Why not add fresh fruit to your dessert to make it more nutritious and get you one step closer to your five-a-day? Look for fruit that's in season, like oranges in winter or strawberries in summer. Light bakes and meringues with blueberries, peaches and currants are great for summer, while apple, plum, pear and blackberry crumbles are the perfect desserts for autumn.

Cookies are a special treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

But have you tried this? You can make them instantly healthier by swapping white flour for a wholegrain option. You can even add muesli and dried fruits, hoc lam banh trung thu nuts and dạy làm bánh nướng fragrant spices like cardamom or cinnamon to make your cookies simply irresistible.

Putting our butter substitute for baking to the test

Have you heard about lovely, buttery chocolate and hazelnut biscuits that are made without, well, butter?
We found an easy, yet impressive recipe that you can add to your baking repertoire. Whether you want something special for afternoon tea with your friends or a tasty weekend treat for the kids, it's the perfect butterless baking solution.

All you need to get started is 125g Bertolli spread, 200g sugar, two eggs, 300g self-raising flour, 75g cocoa powder, two teaspoons vanilla essence, one tablespoon dark rum, 200g hazelnuts and the zest of one orange.

Begin by creaming the Bertolli spread in a bowl until it's light and fluffy before adding the eggs, vanilla and rum. Once that's done, sieve and combine the flours, salt and cocoa and fold into the mixture. Then add the hazelnuts, mix everything well and divide your mixture into two parts before baking it in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes.

Sue Batty, Chef and Home Economist, started baking at a very young age. And with Coffee Walnut Cake being her favourite sweet dish, you would think she is a big believer of butter.
But Sue has used margarine as a [ ] all her life. When she's not baking, she helps companies to develop new products and recipes, and is involved in various teaching and training projects. For more margarine-inspired cake and dạy làm bánh nướng cookie recipes, visit [ ]