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Buying a radio for use in Canada? Improving FPS on G&G T418?

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Buying a radio for use in Canada? Improving FPS on G&G T418?

Post2016-08-24 / 02:59 UTC GMT +00:00

Hey guys,

New airsoft player here. Just had my first games last Sunday near the end of the day with my friend. We've kitted up with some basic gear.

First question: I bought the G&G T418 Light ( ... t418-light) . Bought the recommended Nunchuck battery to go with it.
I played for almost 2 hours and chronoed it at the end. It was only shooting 335 FPS. Could it be that battery? I can't imagine, I've heard I should be able to shoot all day with it. Is there a way to upgrade the FPS?

Second question: What's the go-to for comms systems? I was looking at the Baofeng UV-82 ( ... ofeng+uv82), seems like a very legit system, reviews are great from airsofters all over the net. The only question is can I use this in Canada without a HAM radio license? Or is it not a big deal? What do local players use to talk on?

Anyways, thanks in advance for your input! Looking forward to next weekend with y'all!

- Matt
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Re: Buying a radio for use in Canada? Improving FPS on G&G T

Post2016-08-24 / 23:59 UTC GMT +00:00


What weight of BB were you testing through the Chrono?

If you were testing your gun with a higher weight BB than .20's then you can find charts and scales showing you basically what you would be shooting if it was a .20 weight BB. For example if you were using .25bb's you would be showing on the Chrono about +/-375FPS .

As far as your FPS, it has nothing to do with your Battery. The battery will control your rate of fire and of course how long you get to play per charge.

That radio will work no problem you will have to program it to the GRMS & FRS channels unless it is already programed.
On this site there are reference page to the channels numbers for the GRMS & FRS channels.

good luck.

Hope that helps

Shoot you later, ;)
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