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Revision Desert Locust Fan Goggles

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Re: Revision Desert Locust Fan Goggles

Post2014-06-27 / 14:44 UTC GMT +00:00

Those ess goggles with fans suck. Claymore installed two fans into mine though and they barely fog. Even in the ferns field when I'm booking it around being a medic they only start a hint of fog at the top of the lens but it disappears fast. I could never wear goggles without fans but I'll take the fan noise over fog anyday.
I once wore a pair of claymores dual pane smith goggles with fans, that day was pouring and they didnt even show a hint of fogging
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Re: Revision Desert Locust Fan Goggles

Post2014-06-27 / 19:11 UTC GMT +00:00

Goggles got to be the worst piece of kit to get quality fog proof, but one of the most important to have a good game.

My Civvi job is in the Harley industry, they sell all kinds of top line "expensive" fog proof goggles and lenses, also wipes.

they all work "marginal" and some of this stuff is $150 a set, I have worn different goggles in the military, again they work marginal on their own.

I sweat a lot and steam seems to come off my face in any weather, the set up I have now is a cheap $18 set of low profile goggles I bought through Evike and I installed two fans, problem solved. (I also have a spare set incase the worse happens) total investment for two complete sets of brand new goggles with fans, $80.

I cant see spending more than $40 on a set of goggles that I have to put fans in anyway for them to keep me fog free, the $80 + goggles will be a little more effective but they all get scratched the same and will eventually fog if you are sweating and or in humidity that is high.

buy a set of goggles that you can see out of well, then add a couple fans with a 7.4 lipo and enjoy the game.

but the goggle saga will continue :?
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Re: Revision Desert Locust Fan Goggles

Post2014-07-02 / 22:35 UTC GMT +00:00

Update: Used these goggles on the weekend and I am no longer happy with my purchase. For the first 30 minutes I had no fog at all and everything was very clear, but after 30 minutes of moderate movement the goggles began to fog, I turned on the fan but it didn't seem to slow down the fogging at all. As others have stated in this post these are just not good enough for our humid environment, especially on a day with light (or worse) rainfall. I will probably sell this pair to someone who doesn't live in BC and get going on rigging up another set with fans and air holes. Next set will be another pair of Valken's with a dual fan setup attached.
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Re: Revision Desert Locust Fan Goggles

Post2014-07-07 / 03:25 UTC GMT +00:00

I have a set of legit ess turbo cams and they have served me very well for over 10 years. I see the ones on milsigs page are not actually ess just knock offs I wonder if there is an issue with the fan used. My goggles fan has 2 speeds one low noise that clears most fog and one setting for hi speed that clears it up on the hot rainy days in summer. I have always had huge issues with goggle fogging and I have never had a problem with my ess.

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