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[Wkd] May 14 - Omega Ops Crossfire 2

PostPosted: 2020-03-07 / 01:27 UTC GMT +00:00
by jsae
RED and BLUE return to the area following the events from Crossfire last year.
Story details emerging...
UN intervening between the Regional Expeditionary Division and its latest encounters with B.L.U.E.

Omega Ops is working with Faction Commanders and platoon leaders within each faction to help keep the logistics and operations for each faction on track so players can focus on missions within the larger campaign.

For 2020, expect to see the following units within both factions:
  • headquarters section
  • engineers section
  • Tier 2 infantry with a few vehicles (3 platoons of 33)
  • Tier 1 light infantry (1 platoon of 33)
  • Tier 2 light heli-infantry (if people buy tickets for it)

Expect to see two streams of play: Tier 2 and Tier 1. Everyone stops for a Barbecue on Saturday. Command staff of both factions will have missions to assign to each platoon that work towards the overall success of the faction.
  • Tier 2 play spans from Friday evening to Sunday morning with no-play sleep breaks that create 4 chapters
  • Tier 1 play spans from Friday evening to Sunday morning with in-play sleep that creates 2 chapters