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5 weapon myths from movies

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5 weapon myths from movies

Post2016-01-23 / 07:33 UTC GMT +00:00

The article linked below is an entertaining quick read from 2012, two parts: ... ovies.html ... es_p2.html

tl;dr? The myths:
  • Sniping is way more math than eagle eyes... (bullet drop, wind, drag, weather, elevation, barrel, rifling, earth's rotation)
  • Every Hollywood sword fight would end with a broken sword... (
  • Dogfights Are Visually Unimpressive... (close range = 1.5 miles)
  • Machine Guns Are the Premature Ejaculators of the Gun World... (modern MGs still must replace barrels after a minute of sustained firing)
  • Submarine Battles Are the Most Boring Things Ever... ([url=]sonar/url] takes 15 minutes of listening to achieve firing solution)
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