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How does one get involved?

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How does one get involved?

Post2015-12-16 / 22:42 UTC GMT +00:00

So for the past week I've been painstakingly reading through the posts from the last few years and trying to get up to date with the local scene. First off I'd like to express my gratitude to those that have contributed their thankless efforts into this amazing hobby. I salute and tip my hat to you guys!
Coming from a hobby that I was involved in for over 15 years, in many different ways, I understand some of the frustration that inevidibaly come with trying to create a structured program. I can tell some of you guys are burnt out and frustrated and that takes the fun out of the fun. And as a noob I'd hate to see the vets retire based on this as your prescence is ireplacable! I've been in your shoes and I can promise you it would be a grave lose to the community.
Being as it's the end of the year, and 2016 I right around the corner, I was wondering how can I get involved? Is there a AGM that one could attend?




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Re: How does one get involved?

Post2015-12-16 / 22:56 UTC GMT +00:00

PM sent.
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Re: How does one get involved?

Post2015-12-22 / 04:29 UTC GMT +00:00

The community and organizations in it are a bit less formal than that and times are very dynamic right now.

You can start by just joining in to events in the local area like the one on Sunday, 24 January, or any other one you find in the sign up area of this forum.

See you soon!
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