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REMINDER: many LMAG members outside fb

PostPosted: 2015-05-27 / 14:29 UTC GMT +00:00
by jsae
Many of the LMAG members are outside Mr. Zuckerberg's fb kingdom. Even though we do offer a fb spot for convenience.

If you choose to participate in fb, would you please pop in to chat with the rest of us from time to time on the LMAG owned and operated forums?


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Re: REMINDER: many LMAG members outside fb

PostPosted: 2015-05-27 / 15:13 UTC GMT +00:00
by Saxon
Yes! This has become a bit of a ghost town lately.

Re: REMINDER: many LMAG members outside fb

PostPosted: 2015-05-31 / 06:12 UTC GMT +00:00
by Meatshower
Maybe take the hint then...

Re: REMINDER: many LMAG members outside fb

PostPosted: 2015-05-31 / 22:32 UTC GMT +00:00
by Ricochet
I'm personally not on any social media, because I have absolutely zero interest, but I have a question. Does the Facebook page for LMAG get much more traffic than the forum? Like a lot more, or just a little?

Re: REMINDER: many LMAG members outside fb

PostPosted: 2015-06-01 / 01:13 UTC GMT +00:00
by Noir
There is considerable more use of the facebook page then the forum.

Re: REMINDER: many LMAG members outside fb

PostPosted: 2015-06-01 / 03:12 UTC GMT +00:00
by jsae
LMAG operates this forum and the associated information wiki, image gallery and wordpress splash page for its members and the broader player community. These online resources are LMAG property without any censoring by the hosting company. These resources take effort and finances to maintain for use to coordinate for games and store our organizational resources in a conveniently accessible location.

There remain people who-- despite anyone's chiding, goading or ostracizing-- will remain on the open Internet rather then allow themselves to be subjected to fb's manipulations, which are eloquently summarized at: (complete with links to more information).

Re: REMINDER: many LMAG members outside fb

PostPosted: 2015-06-02 / 00:30 UTC GMT +00:00
by Ricochet
Doesn't Facebook and the webpage serve the exact same purpose? Isn't that like building a restaurant right next to your restaurant to compete with your restaurant? Don't get me wrong, I see the validity of doing things on Facebook instead, but why then run both forums and split the community? Oh well.

Re: REMINDER: many LMAG members outside fb

PostPosted: 2015-06-05 / 04:49 UTC GMT +00:00
by jsae
It was a choice we made when
  • our audience used the forum to coordinate efforts
  • we had lots of volunteers
  • some of the volunteers brought the information into the forum regularly
  • we had seen it as a way to represent LMAG in the fb zone

We have always treated the forum as our private meeting space for conducting internal business. Fb is only a way to present the coordinated result. Panther used fb as a way to pull members away from LMAG into their territory and I am now coordinating with Milsig over email and transcribing those messages into our records on the forum for discussion.

Re: REMINDER: many LMAG members outside fb

PostPosted: 2015-12-20 / 20:08 UTC GMT +00:00
by Drunkin soldieR
I thought this might be worth sharing with you guys.

I'm a part of another club that's 4x4 off-road based. Afew years back a FB page was setup in hopes to expand the club. What actually ended up happening was the complete opposite as this actually diluted the club and the main forum became a ghost town of mainly a few core members keeping it alive. Many members were using FB to chat as its a part of many people's life style and its convenient. But the information there is barried by useless posts and certain thing pertaining to the topic were impossible to find, like build threads and what not.

Long story short the club started to fall apart as there was no one place for everyone to gather. Since then the FB page was illiminated and the original forum became more active and has actually grown in size and activity. Some people were pissed about this but on the most part most members imbraced the decision and now that a little time has gone by most prefer to have things this way cause there seems to be more activity on the forum which keeps people interested.

I'm gonna have to agree with Ricochet on this one, there's no reason to have two entities competing for the same cause. As a newer player I value that there is a place for me to go and learn about the local airsoft scene. A place to ask questions like is there a dress code or if there are training days and game days I can attend. I've noticed that the forum is a bit quiet and I have a ton of question that could use some answers!

if you guys want LMAG to draw in new members there needs to be an active place for them to go.

Just thought I'd share my 2 cents

Re: REMINDER: many LMAG members outside fb

PostPosted: 2016-02-09 / 05:21 UTC GMT +00:00
by cook-off
Unfortunately that's similar to what happened with LMAG also! LMAG face book was created to keep our club game style alive and giving an other form of communication with LMAG members, while encouraging new players and announcing games.

Well there is a whole list of snow ball effects that has caused a ghost town effect on this site, I wont go into but, it was a "community" effort encouraged by a few self serving people to say the least.

The FB LMAG page has more or less turned into a buy/sell and advertisement page for retailers and airsoft fields, there is no real LMAG presence there anymore as the core group of LMAG vets have moved to other groups In fact I don't even think many even refer to themselves as LMAG players anymore...!

To say the least it is a shame really, from the merge of the two most thriving clubs in the lower mainland into one, and with in a short time almost totally dismantled with only a hand full left from a pool of dozens and dozens.

OP-FOR, BCAC and LMAG in their hay day, was great fun, good friends and top notch airsoft, it was a good run for some 14 years or so, now we are faced with cash grabbers, self servers and the riot shielders who hate too many rules and feel they are entitled to everything :roll:

let me clarify..I do not mean my comments to reflect the actual handful of LMAG members left on this page trying to keep it alive.