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Gunny's fan kits: charging procedure.

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Gunny's fan kits: charging procedure.

Post2015-01-14 / 07:33 UTC GMT +00:00

I finally found a way to hook up my fan kit to my boogie regulators. I've been sitting on these fans for months just enduring the fogging. However, I have forgotten the charging procedure for the batteries. I remember him saying some sequence of do x, then x, then x, etc. Does anyone remember?

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Re: Gunny's fan kits: charging procedure.

Post2015-01-15 / 04:36 UTC GMT +00:00

ah, I hope I get this right, its been a while but plug charger in to outlet, plug into battery, turn battery on. Colours of the LED are what I cant remember, but my gut tells me, red when charging, green when charged? Hope this helps!
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Re: Gunny's fan kits: charging procedure.

Post2015-01-15 / 04:51 UTC GMT +00:00


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