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2015 Milsims @ Panther

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Re: 2015 Milsims @ Panther

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Pantherprime wrote:So are you saying people should not be allowed to participate in the Milsim because they are "drop ins" and not necessarily associated with any "organized club".?
Yes we accept people who have not prebooked or signed in on a clubs webpage, for Milsims.
And to the other inquiry, YES, only Airsoft will be played in the woods on that day, PBL may run Speedball, that's their choice.

No, not at all. Just that he asked a question that was posted and he has not played at Panther in over a year, or two. Just letting him know.
Some people think I am trying to be sneaky, its really that my eyes are not as good and I have to make sure its a tree and not the enemy! Trees do not call hits. I have shot a few.

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