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Free Airsoft Podcasts

PostPosted: 2013-02-13 / 02:34 UTC GMT +00:00
by loops
Do you have a crappy commute to work, have a boring job or need to fill countless hours with airsoft Podcasts. Well do I have a list for you. I posted links to their websites where you can download their podcasts but they are also all available from the Itunes store for free.

Airsoftology Radio - The most professional news and reviews podcast and they also have a youtube channel

Opsec Radio - These guys and girl (in older episodes) are hilarious and their shows go way back to 2005. They drink and riff on all things airsoft related and not. Quite interesting listening to the history of Southern Californian airsoft.I started listening to this podcast before I ever played a game of airsoft and they are mostly to blame for my opinions and views on the sport/hobby.

Gorilla Airsoft Radio - Since Opsec have only been putting our a couple of episodes a year Gorilla Airsoft is picking up the slack with honest opinions on new guns, gear, events and their drink of the evening.

This Week In Airsoft - Just listened to a couple of episodes and they seem to cover more big Op's and interview game organizers but they also do reviews and news.

I know there are more airsoft podcasts out their but these are the only ones I subscribe to and listen to on a regular basis. If you have a favourite post it bellow. :geek:

Re: Free Airsoft Podcasts

PostPosted: 2013-02-13 / 03:57 UTC GMT +00:00
by jethro
cool thanks for posting this up will look into down loading from itunes

Re: Free Airsoft Podcasts

PostPosted: 2013-02-13 / 19:26 UTC GMT +00:00
by Airmax
Good call Loops, I have to catch up with Beast from Gorilla airsoft radio (I'm a few podcasts behind!) and get some velcro attach to their patch I bought!
Hmmm who's thisweekinairsoft podcast, they on Itunes?