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Since I've started playing in 2009, one thing I've always seen that makes me want to face palm so hard, is watching new players make the most simplest mistakes, spend a good chunk of money on a gun and gear, and then never show up again. Like any other player in any other sport, I want to watch airsoft grow into a healthy, mature sport so it can be enjoyed by many others. But it cannot grow if a good chunk of the new players play once or twice, then never show up again. So, what I have for you here is


First off, I will give you a simple of list of the DON'Ts

1) Do not sink a bunch of money into gear and a gun before you have even played. Come out, observe the sport, rent a gun and some gear, and decided if it's for you first. I've seen countless people buy a $250+ gun and a couple hundred dollars of gear, play once, then 2 weeks later it's on craigslist for half of what they bought it. Before you buy a new car, you test drive it. Do the same with airsoft.

2) DO NOT think that this is like Call of Doody or battlefield or any other first person shooter. You are not going to be running around with "akimbo" UMP .45s, dolphin diving and 360 quick scoping and getting an uber kill streak. If that's what you think it is, stay at home and keep playing Call of Doody and don't waste everyone’s time.

3) DO NOT BUY A BOLT ACTION SNIPER RIFLE AS YOUR FIRST GUN!!!! Again, this is not Call of Doody. You will not know how to properly engage targets, adjusting for distance, wind, bb weight, and a bunch of other variables. If I had a nickel for every new player I've seen come out with a BASR for his first gun, then never seem him again, I'd have a large sack full of nickels and be retiring by the time I'm 40. Don't think that you are going to be sneaking around and racking up the kills with your $120 un-upgraded BASR, because you're gun might be only accurate for only 150-175 feet shooting one bb per 3 seconds, where everyone else’s AEG is accurate from 200-250 feet shooting 30 bb's in 1 second

4) Do not post something like "what should my first gun be?". We don't know you. We don't know you’re playing style, your preferences, what side is your dominant side, what body size you are, there for we can't tell you what your first gun should be. Best thing to do. Go online, check out some retailers and review on youtube, and form an opinion for yourself.

5) Do not think that FPS equals accuracy. FPS (feet per second, how fast the bb is exiting the barrel) merely just dictates how fast the bb will get towards the area you shot at. What dictates accuracy is the barrel, bucking and bb. If you have a good tight bore barrel, bucking and a decent weight bb (i.e. a .25+ gram bb), your gun should be pretty accurate. For example, my M4 is pretty darn accurate with an 11.5 inch tight bore barrel shooting .28gram bbs, and it's only shooting around 380 fps.

6) Do not think this is Call of Doody. Cannot stress that enough.

Alright. Now that we've done all the Don'ts, let's cover the Do's.

1) Do ask questions. We were all new to this game at one point or another, and we all had questions. And we are all happy to answer them. There’s a chance you might be asking us a question on a topic we don't know of, and it could spark our interest in it. But most of us experienced guys have a boat-load of knowledge, and are happy to lend some of that knowledge out

2) Do come to as many game days as possible. The difference between you and that other new player starting around the same time is how often we see your faces. Coming out often shows us that you're committed to the game.

3)Do read the forums often. Chances are, one of the questions you may have might have already been asked and answered. Plus, staying active on the forums will keep you in the loop with everything that is going on at LMAG

4) Do ask questions about pieces of kit, like goggles, chest rigs/webbing/plate carriers, helmets, comms equipment, gun parts (accessories and internal parts), sights, and all that stuff. Again chances are, someone owns the product you are talking about and can give you a good run down on it

You'll notice that a lot of the players, including the experienced players at the field are all pretty friendly and will be more then willing to help spread some knowledge on topics you have questions of, or even help you with a few things related to the sport. Since I started playing, my social circle has grown. Yours probably will to if you keep playing airsoft for more then 12 months.

Another thing to cover is the teams that play at LMAG. There is the Devil Dogs, Team P.I.M.P, and SGB. Now, these are groups of guys that have been playing for a good amount of time, and work well together. If you have the idea that you're going to come into the sport and get asked to join a team right away, that probably wont happen. I wasn't part of a team until 2011, and most guys aren't considered and asked to join a team until a year or two in. That being said though, show up to every game day you can and give it your all, you'll probably end up on some people's radars and start getting talked about.

The biggest thing with airsoft is SAFETY. Remember that all airsoft guns look like real firearms. When it comes to safety on the field. Always have your barrel pointed in a safe direction, and keep your finger outside of the trigger well until you plan on engaging a target. When in the safe zone, remember this MOFOCO. That stands for Magazine Out, Finger Off, Condom On. So in essence, magazine out of your gun, finger off the trigger and outside of the trigger well, and barrel condom is on. When it comes to transporting your airsoft rifle and storing it, Buy a case, keep it out of sight, and do not keep it loaded. DO NOT, and I cannot stress this enough DO NOT take your airsoft gun out into public!!! %95 percent of the public is stupid and does not know the difference between an airsoft gun and a real firearm, and will probably call the police on you. Not only does that affect you negatively, but it affects the sport negatively. Don't have it out in public, keep it stored, and DO NOT play backyard airsoft.

So if you plan on playing airsoft for a while and want to survive the first 12 months of it, follow that little guide of Do's and Don'ts. We all want to see airsoft grow into a mature and responsible sport. Might as well do your part to help it change positively.

Sharpton for president y'all. I'm outie

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Post2014-04-15 / 04:56 UTC GMT +00:00

Great read.

Thumbs up meat sprinkles, good job.
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Post2014-04-15 / 05:20 UTC GMT +00:00

Sharp and entertaining intro.

Also, players, do flip through the Airsoft Info -- it's a quick reference for all the knowledge gathered in the forum (and, in previous generations of the forum).
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I like that little write up, it was well said. My son has been bugging me to play ... get into Airsoft for a couple years. I went in to one store (with my kids) to buy a Bandana ... Came out with a G&G CM16 Raider ... guess I didn't head your warning!! But that said, there are some things you JUST KNOW your gonna love... and this is one of them. We will see you soon ... we'll come out, get abused for a while, then get Kitted up good and proper as we get better. Thanks for the info, it was appreciated.

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