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[SAT] January 28th -- ABBY Field

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[SAT] January 28th -- ABBY Field

Post2017-01-05 / 01:45 UTC GMT +00:00

Bio BBs only
-Bring a lunch
-$25 Cash
-Fully sealed, paintball & Ballistic approved goggles ONLY

29774 Townshipline Rd, Abbotsford, BC V4X 1Z4

Designated Safe Zone
•No Firing
•Barrel condom ON
•Pistol Holstered

Play Area
•Paintball approved goggle or any ballistic sealed eye pro must be on at all times
•Optional Mouth guard/face mask

FPS Limits and Engagement rules, to be measured with .20 gram BBs
MED-Minimum Engagement Distance
350 MAX for Hand guns -Zero MED
<400 fps - Within 20ft SEMI ONLY - Beyond 20 ft can use full Auto.
401-450 fps 60 FT MED Semi Auto ONLY Mandatory Side arm (350 MAX FPS)
451-500 fps BAR (Bolt Action Rifle) 100 FT MED Mandatory Sidearm (350 MAX FPS)

Mercy Kill
•Must be within 10 Ft
•Valid only if using rifle or pistol that fits MED while performing mercy. For example, you can not run up to a player with your DMR, or BAR and "Mercy" another player, must have pistol out.
•Rubber knife kill, barrel poke and taps with hand are considered silent kills rendering "dead" player quiet with he puts on his mandatory kill rag and walks off.

•Bring Red kill rag
•No blind firing
•Always aim at centre of mass
•Avoid headshots
•No lasers
•No prohibited weapons (shooting beyond MAX fps with particular classification, pellet guns, etc)
•M203s must be launched from launcher
•Tornado, Cyclone and other approved grenades must be underhand tossed no farther than 10ft.

Everyone is encouraged to play from START to END but if you plan to leave early, please notify game organizer for the day ahead of time. If someone is injured or a game stoppage is needed, yell out GUN SAFE and pass it on. Everyone MUST STOP SHOOTING

And remember: Call your hits, have a great time, it's only a game :)

*****Look for the cones in the gated barn driveway if you haven't been to the field before, Take a right behind the barn and follow the long dirt road***** gates open no earlier than 9am

PLEASE DO NOT stop at the barn, this is private property and you need to continue down the dirt road to the playing field.
PLEASE DO NOT show up later that 9:45, you only restrict how early we can start and games will be started without you
PLEASE NO NOT just show up, you must notify everyone that you're coming on this thread.

If you are bringing someone please add in the comments section if you are bringing, "+1, +2, +3, etc" To better assist which games will be ran.
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