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[Sun] Oct30 - Op: PANZERFAUST - Panther (Omega Ops)

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[Sun] Oct30 - Op: PANZERFAUST - Panther (Omega Ops)

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Panther, Surrey

Gate: 0830
Team Selection: 1000
Briefing: 1015
Game: 1100 to 1600 approximate

  • Early Advance Ticket = $50 /person till Sunday, 16 October
  • Advance Ticket = $60 /person till Thursday, 27 October
  • Gate Ticket = $75 /person

  1. Team command structure in play with pre-arranged top-tier leadership for Omega Red and Omega Blue
  2. Teams will receive objective orders that teams will need to follow to advance the scenario; fight over territory, flags, and critical game objectives (fuel depots, garages, rocket launchers, minefields)
  3. Select Players will be given the chance to ride in and on the Armored Vehicles featured in Operation: PanzerFaust and you will be allowed to fire from moving vehicles! Yes, we are nuts and you better follow our safety rules to the letter on this one! OmegaOps will provide trained drivers to get you to your objective so just hang on and enjoy the ride.
  4. Pyro returns in a big way and that means you need Ear Protection! Operation: EL Dorado made it very clear we don't mess around when it comes to sending you diving for make sure you protect more than your eyes!
  5. The game starts at 11:00 am. You need to be geared and chrono'd before then. Game time fixed. You're either ready to go, or you're joining the game after it has started.
  6. Polarstars REQUIRE chrono-locks. This is a field policy. We're enforcing it, you had best follow it. Our concern is the safety, and enjoyment, of all. ​

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