Hibernation over!

On Star Wars Day this year (2019-05-04), a bunch of folks rendezvoused at Panther to play. Huzzah, what a bright day.

In two weeks (2019-05-17), players from around BC will rendezvous in 108 Mile Ranch, BC, to join in a campaign over 3 days in 4 games. Check out details courtesy of Omega Ops: http://lmag.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=5716). Additional information: out there.

Play in an area 4.5 times larger than Panther! Unfortunately, game-play is restricted to 233 acres of the host’s entire site. That’s still a 500 m by 1.8 km area of forest, undulating hills, ponds and clearings. Expect to walk or crawl over 2 km to get from one corner to the other.

You may still find tickets at Trigger Airsoft, or you may need to contact Omega Ops directly and cry “Hail, Mary!”. (Jukebox in the Forum)

You can even read the Rules.

Bigfoot games twice each month

Started in March, the Fraser Valley Airsoft Association hosts game days on the first Sunday and the middle Sunday of each month.

Char monitors Tootall’s announcements and very often plays out at the field in Mission.  A small site, the setting is very well set up and offers players diverse physical sets that Larry painstakingly designed and made to give deeper immersion.

Once we enter late autumn, Tootall will likely switch to less-frequent sessions.  Enjoy the sessions while you have the warmer seasons for this year.

[1] Map – http://www.lowermainlandairsoft.ca/info/index.php?title=File:Bigfoot-2010.jpg

[2] More – http://www.lowermainlandairsoft.ca/info/index.php?title=Maps